July 30, 2012

This Old House and how to deal with it...

To remove old paint off old door hinges use dish soap, water, and crock pot. Let soak for several hours and dried paint will come right off. The hardware will have a rustic but clean look to it.

July 28, 2012

Beginning of a project

The most fulfilling project in a while. We are getting Baby G's room ready. Had the hard wood floors refinished and time to cover up the lime green paint with some primer. Long way to go...

July 22, 2012

Looking for something to do today?

One of Licking County's treasures is the Dawes Aboretum located on St. Rt. 13 close to Newark, Heath, Hebron area. Dawes Aboretum is located 35 miles east of Columbus, Ohio, four miles north of Interstate 70 and six miles south of downtown Newark. The Arboretum is open-free of charge-from 7am until sunset daily except New Year's, Thanksgiving and Christmas days. The Visitors Center is open Monday - Saturday, 8am - 5pm; Sundays and holidays, 10am - 5pm.

While out that way enjoy a cold one and good meal at Crossroads Bar and Grill or Jacktown Pub. Both are located at the corner of St. Rt. 40 and St. Rt. 13 in Jacktown.

Jack Town Pub

July 20, 2012


Congratulations to Bob, Melanie, Alex, and Brianna on their new home in Granville, Ohio. WELCOME to the area! It was a pleasure helping their family locate a home in Licking County. If you know of anyone Buying or Selling home, please keep me in mind. www.allaboutlickingcounty.com


Great month for the Sellers in River Oaks Subdivision in Heath, Ohio. Three of my listings have sold in River Oaks is the past 30 days and they were only on the market for roughly 15-35 days each. For more information on City of Heath sales and what the market is doing right now - email or text me at andrew@guanciale.net or 740.403.6444.

July 15, 2012


Looking to get these Sperry Topsiders broke in so they don't look so new.

Growing up I can remember Dad referring to his shoes and the age of those shoes by what year I was born.

If a good shoe is worth buying it is worth having re-soled in my opinion. There are a couple of tailors in Newark area that will re-sole your dress shoes. I recommend a rubber sole since our snow and rain months take toll on a leather bottom.

I figure my son will look at my worn out shoes someday I can say "well I bought these the year you were born".