February 9, 2010


Rituals for Snow Days: Silver Spoons and Inside Out Clothes...

I was showing a home this morning in Pataskala to a Mother of 3. Since I was only showing one home, the kids remained at home with Dad while we tromped through the snow for the showing. I asked her if the kids were pumped up for the snow day and she said the kids did their routine. Come to find out, kids now have superstitions and routines that they do the night before hoping to wake up to a school cancellation. Here are a few that I found out...

Sleeping with a spoon under your pillow???

Wearing your PJ's inside out???

Flushing ice cubes down the toilet???

Flush all the toilets in the house at 9pm???

Sleep the night before with you head at the foot of the bed???

February 8, 2010

Beer may be good for your bones....

A cold brew has high levels of dietary silicon, analysis shows

While researchers don't recommend gulping beer to meet your silicon intake needs, a new study shows the potential health benefits of a cold brew.

If you downed one too many while watching the Super Bowl, here's at least one reason to hold your head high: Drinking beer can be good for your health.

But seriously, a new analysis of 100 commercial beers shows the hoppy beverage is a significant source of dietary silicon, a key ingredient for bone health.

READ MORE... http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/35296759/ns/health-diet_and_nutrition/

February 6, 2010

Add ons are important...after the fact & THE WORLDS Greatest neighbor...

Should have inquired about "Snow Guards" for my garage roof... When 8 inches of snow slides off a metal roof and piles up knee high 40 feet long it is frustrating. Might have even swore before 6am this morning. Usually I wait until 7:30am.

BTW - Jerry Nethers is the greatest neighbor in the world. If Toys R Us carried the Jerry Nethers super hero action figure he would be equipped with a snow blower. I am glad he is in such great shape because I have a lot of road frontage.

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