November 20, 2008


When I first started Real Estate 7 years ago there were two types of Realtors. The full-time Realtor and the guy or girl that worked at ABC company and came into our office after 5pm and was usually around on weekends. In a "great" market this "part time" Realtor could still sell 20 homes a year without putting much effort into selling. In the trying market that we as Realtors face now it doesn't matter if your are "full-time" or not. It is just like comes down to fundamentals.

What do owners of expired listings really want to know about you and your real estate services? The answer may surprise you.

Barb Van Stensel, an agent for Keller Williams in Chicago, shared an interesting piece of data about what she is hearing from the owners of expired listings these days. The first question is not, "Why didn't my house sell?" or "What are you going to do that will get my house sold?" Instead, the question that Barb is hearing repeatedly is, "Do you have a second job?" These sellers, whose properties have been on the market and have not sold, are justifiably concerned about their agent's ability to help them close their sale.

When a seller asks whether an agent is part time or full time, the real issue is whether the agent has the necessary skill set to close the sale. Just being "full time" doesn't address this issue. Across the country, managers are struggling with how to inspire their full-time agents to "get out of bed and come to the office in the morning." In contrast, there are plenty of agents who are having their best year ever. What makes successful agents in this market different?

1. They have a positive mindset. Most sellers realize how tough it is to sell a property in today's environment. They want an agent who is optimistic and upbeat while also being realistic about market conditions. The agents who are succeeding have a "bring it on" attitude towards the market.

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