September 26, 2009

Buckeyes Open Big Ten Play Against Illinois; This Time It Will Be Different

Although the memories of Ohio State’s 2007 loss to the Illini and quarterback Juice William’s clock draining late game attack, don’t get too excited Illinois fans. Since that fateful day in the shoe, the Buckeyes have a new weapon with the potential to render Illinois coach Ron Zook helpless against the Buckeye Defense. That weapon? Terrell Pryor.

I know what you’re saying…but what good is Pryor if he can’t get the ball? If the defense can’t handle Williams two pronged run/pass attack, then it doesn’t matter what Pryor does. Our defense has always struggled against a quarterback who can run and Williams knows how to run.

Ahhh, not so fast my friend. The biggest difference between the 07 Ohio State defense and the 09 defense? The 09 defense has spent their summer lining up against Pryor, a quarterback very similar to Williams only about four inches taller. The biggest difference is that Williams has the maturity that Pryor has yet to develop.

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