April 21, 2010

Interesting place for a committee meeting...

Doug Mill (with ADR & Midland Board Member), Jeff Barcus (Midland Theatre), and myself met today on the roof of the Midland Theatre to observe the heat tape that was placed around the downspouts and some minor but important repair work. Doug is the chair of the Midland Theatre building committee. Well, anyone close to me knows that I am afraid of heights... would walk against the wall at City Center, I hate the escalator that goes 4 stories at Lambeau and I didn't even change the net on my own basketball hoop (yeah, I know). Well, we made it to the roof, I even climbed up the old rusty ladder (barely bolted in) to the 2nd level. Saw the tape, nodded my head...great, ready to head back down. Come to find out the tape is in 3 other corners. I opted to stay put while my hands sweated... My hand didn't leave the railing. I am thankful that Doug and Jeff are focused. Happy to be back at my desk. Sort of.

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