June 27, 2012


Since the Real Estate market in Licking County has picked up in the past 6 months... I have found it important as ever for home Buyers to be prepared once they enter into a purchase agreement with a Seller. I always recommend hiring a qualified whole home inspector to go through the property before you purchase.

With purchases on the rise and being that time of year... home inspectors are very busy. It is important to be ready to schedule the home inspection the day you enter into an agreement to purchase or soon after. Typically on a residential purchase the inspection period can be 10 days to 12 days from the day of acceptance. Acceptance is when both parties enter into a binding agreement. You want to give youself plenty of time incase there is a bigger problem that arrises from the inspection to where you need to get additional inspections or advise.

Do Whole Home Inspector Fees Vary?

Yes, but not drastically. Also, do you really want to hire the least expensive home inspector? No, you don't. Home inspection fees vary but will typically run $300 - $600 based on the services your choose. Most inspectors have their inspection fees listed on their web sites and most will give a discount if they are bundled together (Whole home, wood destroying insect, gas line inspection & warranty, radon, mold, etc).

At the time of inspection the inspector with print off a detailed report for you and go over any critical items found. This is a great opportunity to learn the true condition of the biggest investment you will make!

Where can I find more information on Home Inspectors in Licking County?

Feel free to email me at andrew@guanciale.net and I will be happy to email you a list of qualified and experienced home inspectors that service the Licking and Franklin County area. There are several to choose from.

American Home Inspector Directory has a whole home inspection checklist that can allow you to familiarize yourself with the inspection process.

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